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Vaibhav Jain, MD

Interventional Radiologist


Expert Interventional Radiologist (IR) with stellar academic background and extensive experience in delivering care at public and private healthcare institutions. A patient advocate at heart with seventeen years of clinical experience spanning the breadth of IR field, especially: 

  • Hepatobiliary Interventional procedures
  • Interventional Oncology procedures
  • Post-transplant interventional procedures (particularly liver)

Professional Experience

SENIOR CONSULTANT, Interventional & General Radiology
  • Interventional oncology procedures (average 50 cases/month)
    • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and microwave ablation (MWA) of tumors
    • TACE and TARE (Y90 SIRT)
    • Embolization of tumors for bleeding or preoperative
    • Portal vein embolization and biliary drainage/stenting
  • Biopsies, drainages, and fluid aspirations (average 300 cases/month)
  • Multidisciplinary tumor board participation for collaborative case management
August 2018 – June 2021
SENIOR CONSULTANT, Interventional Radiology
  • Interventional oncology procedures (average 20 cases per month)
  • Hepatic and portal venous interventions including Transjugular intrahepatic porto-systemic shunt (TIPS), hepatic vein & IVC recanalisation & stenting (average 5-6 cases per year)
  • Post liver & kidney transplant and dialysis access interventions (average 20 cases per month)
March 2017 – July 2018


Delhi, India

SENIOR CONSULTANT, Interventional & General Radiology
  • Hepatic & portal venous interventions like TIPS (over 25 cases/year), BRTO, hepatic vein & IVC recanalisation & stenting for Budd Chiari syndrome (average 5-10 cases/year), hepatic vein-portal gradient.
  • Interventional support and service to liver and kidney transplant patients (average 250-300 cases/year); including intraoperative sonograms. Frequently performed procedures included percutaneous & transjugular biopsies, biliary drainages, arterial thrombolysis and percutaneous nephrostomies.
  • Interventional oncology with focus on management of liver tumors, particularly multi-modality treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma using RFA, MWA, TACE and TARE (over 100 cases/year); in addition to other procedures like biliary drainages (more than 100 cases per year), renal & lung ablations.
  • Actively involved in starting & establishing RF ablation for parathyroid adenomas
  • Teaching, supervising students and fellows in Interventional Radiology with special focus on hepatic, pancreatic, biliary & spleno-portal procedures.
  • Elastography and contrast enhanced sonograms for liver & prostatic pathology
October 2009 – March 2017

Performed sonograms and reported x-rays, mammograms, whole-body CT & MRI scans

August 2008 – September 2009



Performed sonograms and reported x-rays, mammograms, whole body CT & MRI scans.

February 2008 – July 2008
SENIOR RESIDENT, Radiology is one of the highest-ranked medical institutions in India, catering to more than 10,000 patients/day. 

  • Diagnostic and interventional radiology practice which included reporting x-rays, mammograms, CT and MRI scans; and performing various vascular and non-vascular interventions
  • Awarded 3rd prize in Image Interpretation Session at European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria (March 2005)
February 2005 – January 2008


M.B.B.S, 1999

University College of Medical Sciences

Delhi, India

M.D. Radiology, 2004

All India Institutes of Medical Sciences

Delhi, India

D.N.B. Radiodiagnosis, 2005

National Board of Examinations

Delhi, India

Clinical Experience

Basic Interventions

Catheter drainages, pigtail and PCN tube insertions, biopsies and FNAC from various body sites under US & CT guidance. Routinely performed biopsies of subcentimeter lesions, head & neck masses and drainages of deep seated & difficult-to-reach collections.

Treatment & Palliative Care of Malignancies

Esophageal, ureteric and biliary stent insertions, tumor embolizations and ablations.

Hepatobiliary Interventions

PTBD, biliary stenting, hepatic veins and IVC dilatations & stenting, transjugular liver biopsy, transjugular intrahepatic porto-systemic shunt (TIPS), TACE, TARE etc. Dedicated hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) management group in conjunction with gastroenterologists, GI surgeons & liver transplant surgeons.

Endovascular Procedures

Diagnostic angiograms, pseudoaneurysm embolization (including minimally invasive percutaneous technique), sclerotherapy & embolization of various vascular malformations (including preoperative as well as therapeutic), endovascular stent placements, peripheral vascular disease and dialysis access interventions.

Post Liver Transplant Interventions

Daily management of pre & post liver-transplant emergencies and all minor and major complications (including vascular, biliary & infective). My experience spans more than 2500 liver transplant cases.

Trauma & Emergency Interventions

Embolization for bleed from various sites due to trauma, emergency IR options for variceal bleed, hemoptysis, melena etc.


Professional Affiliations

Logo of Society of Interventional Onco-Radiology
Logo of Vascular Access Society
Logo of ISVIR